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Primary Industries

Our experienced team of engineers creates custom underwater products for a variety of industries worldwide. Every project or application need is different which is why we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to client requirements through every stage of development, building, and testing. Our detailed process allows us to find solutions for the most complicated concerns—enabling customers working under pressure to achieve their goals.

Educational and Government Research

Sexton’s marine specialist have spent years working with local, state, and federal government officials to further the research and monitoring actions of their organizations.  We have developed and fabricated underwater camera housings and sensor enclosures of all shapes and sizes, thus enabling our clients to progress with their students and analysis of wetlands, seas, rivers, dams, fisheries and more.

Past research and education projects have included equipment for:
• Water quality monitoring
• Fisheries data collection
• Dam monitoring
• Fish ladder and other fish access system monitoring
• Sensor prototyping
• Endangered species monitoring
• Education and outreach
• Radiation detection and identification
• Acoustic studies
• Underwater security
• Data logging and intervalometry

If you have an upcoming marine research or education project for which you need specialized or custom underwater housing, enclosures, or ports, contact us. Over the years, we have built hundreds of custom engineered solutions for educators and researchers across the globe. We are here to service your need and get your monitoring, research, or educational system into the water.

 Department of Defense & Military Applications

Sexton has worked with all arms of the military to develop a wide range of underwater housings for cameras, sensors, and more.  Working underwater is difficult in any circumstance as a diver’s senses are naturally hindered. That’s why military personnel operating underwater often require particular tools to house sensor arrays, underwater cabling, cameras, and acoustic systems. These tools assist divers, protecting them and the marine life by which they are surrounded as they work in high-risk situations such as equipment recovery, detonating underwater ordinance, monitoring ocean acoustics, and more. Our team of engineering and marine specialists leverage years of experience to provide government divisions with in-depth product planning, manufacture, and testing. No matter the specifications, our engineered solutions are custom designed and built to fulfill every requirement.

OEM Production

Sexton can provide original equipment manufacturer services to businesses.  We can take care of new product development, prototyping and small run production that you don’t have to. Our engineers have a thorough understanding of underwater systems and are ready to custom engineer your next product.

Utilize our expertise for:
• New product development
• Prototyping and small run production
• Underwater inspection
• Parts production (including domes and sealing bolts)
• Underwater cabling systems
• Industrial vision solutions
• Marine exploration equipment
• Networking solutions

Fishing Industry

Sexton Custom Underwater Products works with fisheries, trawlers, deep sea fishing operations, crabbing enterprises, and more to improve efficiency, assist in studies, and reduce bycatch. Custom underwater camera systems, networking, data logging, and sonar can all be utilized by fishermen, researchers, and farmers to build effective fishing practices, reduce costs, and benefit populations.

We provide fishing industry professionals with resources for:
• Trawl net lighting and cameras
• Population density studies
• Imaging sonar systems
• Custom data logging equipment
• Timelapse systems
• Fish ladder and dam camera systems
• Sensor systems
• By-catch reduction
• Crab pot and crab trap monitoring

The team at Sexton Custom Underwater Products has developed a deep understanding of the fishing industry, creating custom marine products of all kinds to improve industry efficiency, reduce costs and advance population studies.


Sexton is proud to partner with innovators and artists in the entertainment industry to provide custom underwater systems for projects featured on television, movies, or as part of installations. Our agile, responsive team of engineers, designers, and in-house manufacturers can tackle any underwater need, no matter the camera type or underwater environment. We have designed and built large format underwater camera housings, created marine systems for aquariums, manufactured durable housings for Deadliest Catch, and more. If you need a company to help you showcase a unique look at underwater life, Sexton Custom Underwater Products is ready to assist you.

Our team has created solutions for:
• Underwater virtual reality capture
• Stereo camera systems
• Specialty lighting systems
• Recreational pool cameras
• Large format film camera housings
• Surf and marine biology photography
• Cinematic systems (single, stereo, and 360)
• High-speed imaging
• Industrial vision solutions
• Underwater movie and film production
• Unique fine art installations

Our highly specialized team is here to make your vision a reality. Contact us today!

Our Client List Includes:

These are just some of the clients employing our custom underwater products.