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Biomark 601 PIT Tag Reader Housing (2016)

The Biomark 601 PIT Tag Reader (available from Biomark) is a rugged and water-resistant handheld reader used in the field.  Our customer wanted enhanced protection of their instrument from the elements, so we were asked to create a custom enclosure for the reader for an application where it would be used around and under the water’s surface.

The housing features a two-part construction.  Due to the unique shape of the Biomark 601, we decided to 3D print the lower half of the housing in polycarbonate and used traditional milling techniques to create the top lid.  The two parts are held together with four draw latches and a single face-sealing oring.  Installed on the lid are four 316SS buttons and a nylon handle.  The housing is rated to a depth of 10m.