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Terms and Conditions

The success of a custom design depends upon the development of trust between both parties. Within our design and construction phases, it is necessary that you send your equipment to us to aid in the customization process. This demands trust by our customers which we uphold through great care of their equipment from start to finish. We will return your equipment when we ship the housing, typically before you have paid the second half of the housing cost.

In order to uphold your trust, we have developed ground rules so that both parties know what to expect.

  1. By filling out the online order form, the prospective client (You, Your) understands that there is no obligation to purchase anything from The Sexton Corporation (We, Us) by virtue of that action.
  2. After You receive the Budgetary Estimate, You may freely elect to ignore it with no further responsibility (although a reply would be appreciated), ask further questions by phone or email, or agree to pay the NRE fee.
  3. By paying the NRE fee, You can expect to receive from Us, in a timely fashion, a CAD drawing in PDF format, showing multiple views of the housing designed from your criteria, and a Quotation in PDF format, describing the features of the housing and its cost to you. There may need to be more communication between You and Us, to further define and refine the design to your needs and desires. There is no additional charge for changes until an order is signed by You and accepted by Us.
  4. After you have received the Drawing and Quote, you may elect to take one of three actions:
    • You may ignore the results, in which case You owe nothing further, and We have no further obligation to You (although a reply would be appreciated), or
    • You may ask for changes in features, some of which may affect the quoted price. There is no fee for these changes, as long as the camera or instrument remains the same, or
    • You may accept the Quotation and agree purchase the housing as designed. To do this, please initial the APPROVED box at the upper right corner of the drawing, and sign and date the APPROVED line on the Quotation form, and return these by mail, or scanned image file by email.
  5. By agreeing to purchase the housing, You also agree to send the camera or instrument, and all related accessories (batteries, charger, media, etc.) to have a fully functional system, and pay the first half of the housing cost. It is necessary to have these items at Our facility in order for final design adjustments to be made (you will be notified if there are any significant changes), and construction to begin. Ship date is typically about 4 weeks from receipt of these items, unless different arrangements have been agreed to by both parties.
  6. If, for any reason, You elect to cancel an order that has been started, You must notify Us as quickly as possible, and You will be billed for any materials purchased for Your project and for any labor that We have expended on your project to date. In event of order cancellation, your NRE fee will not be applicable to the costs above.
  7. If, for any reason, We elect to cancel an order that has been started, We will notify you as quickly as possible, We will return Your equipment promptly, and will refund Your NRE.
  8. When the housing is completed, We will ship Your housing and return your camera or instrument and other accessories that You provided. We will notify You of the ship date and tracking number of the shipment, by whatever method You have chosen. We will enclose a packing list describing the contents, and an Invoice showing the final payment.
  9. For shipments outside the US, You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred by Us on Your behalf, including, but not limited to: customs, duty, taxes, tariffs, brokerage fees, and additional paperwork. We will invoice for these separately.
  10. When You receive the housing and equipment, please check it carefully for damaged external container and internal damage to contents. IMPORTANT: Please let us know promptly in event of damage, but please contact the carrier for damage claims.
  11. You will have two weeks to inspect and test the housing before sending the final payment. For your own peace of mind, please test dive the housing without your camera or equipment installed, before submerging the housing with Your expensive equipment inside. While the empty housing was tested at Our facility, it is important that You are sure that all is well.
  12. When You are satisfied with the housing, please send or authorize the final payment within 15 days of the housing’s ship date. The final payment will be the second half of the housing cost, minus the NRE, plus shipping cost (unless shipping was billed to your shipping account), plus any costs billed under Item 9 above, as detailed in the Invoice included with the shipment.
  13. You understand that the ownership of the design of the housing remains Intellectual Property of The Sexton Corporation, while the ownership of the physical housing transfers to You when We receive the final payment.
  14. Finally, We want You to be a happy customer. If there is anything about Your experience that You think We need to improve, please communicate with us. We want to continuously improve Our product, and We want You to recommend Us to Your colleagues.