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Warranty Statement

The manufacturer inspects and tests each housing for watertight integrity before shipping.  The manufacturer will repair or replace at the manufacturer’s option any housing that proves to be defective in construction or material within one year of date of delivery.

The manufacturer is not liable for damage to equipment caused by leakage of water into the housing, nor is the manufacturer liable for loss of data or income therefrom as may result from such leakage.  The manufacturer is not liable for any accidents during which this housing was in use.

The warranty is void in event of negligent handling of the housing included, but not limited to, dropping the housing, modifications to the housing by other than the manufacturer, improper care of the sealing components, and exceeding the specified depth limitation of the housing.

There is no express or implied warranty, nor warranty of merchantability, except as stated by the manufacturer above.

The buyer understands that, because of the nature of this product, he/she uses the housing at his/her own risk and agrees to hold the manufacturer harmless, except as stated above.